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The rest of Innistrad (and then some)

September 19, 2011

Rounding out the changes now that all of Innistrad is spoiled, and a few others I’ve considered trying and was convinced into after speaking with some friends.

Not a like for like switch, but making white more aggressive has always been enjoyable. Champion will be tested on the basis of 17 white Humans with CMC 4 or less that would be in his deck, and potentially a few others in red.  The first time I saw it in cube, it dealt 15 damage on it’s own.

Since Champion of the Parish wants humans, this is a slight upgrade, as I see the Champion synergy to be more important than Goldmeadow Harrier’s synergy with Cloudgoat. If only they both were rebels…

More humans! Stormfront Pegasus has always been my placeholder for “two drop evasive creature that can play well with GW or RW” decks. While Cloistered Youth isn’t evasive, 3/3 is nice body for T3. This card, like the rest of the double-faced cards with a different color on the back side, are going in the color used for casting, and not the color identity.

Card drawing finisher for card drawing finisher. Often times, Consecrated Sphinx will turn the tide of a game if left unmolested for just one turn. I really just wanted to use the phrase unmolested.

I’ve heard good things from Usman regarding the test subject, and have been wanting to replace Careful Consideration for a while. With Compulsive, Thirst, and the plethora of 1 drop filters, this card just isn’t played anymore. The discard normally isn’t relevant given no reanimator theme in my cube. With that, we’ll go ahead and give this card a Test.

These two are coming out due to a clerical error. I had 69 cards in my Black section due to missing one for a while and putting a replacement in without marking it.

Innocent Blood came in while looking to dump the black 1 drops, but after Diregraf Ghoul was printed, I decided to keep black aggro in for now. While I am a fan of Innocent Blood, it gets the go due to the massive amount of black removal that already exists.

I believe Sheoldred came in while missing Nezumi Shortfang. Not a like for like replacement, but I’ve liked Sheoldred when I’ve seen it and I don’t think Ink-Eyes has connected for value in a while.

Forked Bolt is a dime a dozen, and with a lot of red burn already in the cube, was replaceable. It generally ended up just pinging the player and killing an X/1. Chaos Warp seems good on the surface. I will be paying close attention to how often it ends up flipping a worse card.

I’ve heard very good things about Sulfuric Vortex, but I’ve never had the opportunity to cast it in any format. Mono red rarely gets drafted, so Genju ends up being awkward without the T1 mountain, and often ends up in sideboards.

In moving away from the mono-green aggro deck, Companion gets a lot worse when you need to hit GG on T2. Scavanging Ooze is a card I’ve been wanting to try for a while, as I’m always looking for ways to interact with the graveyard on cards that work well on their own.  The first run with Ooze was a smashing success, almost single handedly winning a game against a Genesis/Regrowth/E-Witness/Gifts deck.

Vines always seems good in theory, but never seems to pan out. I wanted to fit Prey’s Vengeance in, as it’s a huge upgrade on the Arena ability, and Vines just ended up in side boards all too often.

Absorb has always been one of those cards that never fully impressed me.  Often times the 3 life didn’t matter, and the downside of such tight casting restrictions made me wish this was a Cancel/Stoic Rebuttle all too often.  Geist is a very odd card to value, if only because it’s a very aggressive UW creature.  I imagine it will play out as a quick finisher in UW control decks, much like Mirran Crusader currently does in Standard.

Wrecking Ball just came in as Blightning was less than stellar, however after having Olivia in my multi-color cube deck this weekend, I’m convinced to at least give her a go. She was a must kill or else she took over games completely. Awkward leg aside, I’m hopeful.

Both of them are colorless cards, so the artifact/land switch doesn’t bother me. I haven’t gotten to see War Zone much, and the one time I drafted it it served it’s purpose as another Factory-esque land, as I usually had 2 creatures out to pump. I’ve heard Spellskite is bonkers but wasn’t sure if it was cube worthy. The awkwardness it brings to game states in Scars limited convinced me. I’ve probably been playing too much U/R Twin in Standard too.

As always, I’m looking for any sort of feedback, good or bad, on these changes!

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