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Innistrad changes (so far)

September 7, 2011

Just a note, these are the changes as of today. I wanted to get the blog up and running, and will be doing another round of changes for the rest of the spoilers once they’re all out.

I like to try to test a lot of cards overall, instead of sticking to the norms. I’ll generally try to pick a card that hasn’t seen much play recently that is near the same role, and replace it for a few drafts to see how things work out. Sometime I’ll force the new cards to be in packs (still randomized of course) and other times I won’t.

One other note; I apologize for the big preview cards. I’ll be going back and correcting it once they’re in gatherer.

Angelic Destiny

I wanted to put Mana Tithe back in and Angelic Destiny had underperformed since it came in. It usually was just 1 mana too many, with the 2 for 1 being easier to pull off.

Snapcaster seems obvious to include, figuring out what to cut wasn’t too difficult either. I like Magpie but I usually would rather be doing other things for 4 mana in a blue deck.

I don’t think Fume Spitter had killed anything since going in, and another aggressive 2/2 for Black is always welcome.

I don’t really need to explain testing out a new PW do I? Ob Nix had rarely seen play, and there is already a glut of CMC 4+ creatures in Black.

Phyrexian Arena on a 5/4 flier? Yes please!

Crusher hasn’t been seeing a lot of play and often times can be a trap. Aaaaand I really wanted to try werewolves!

Another change I’m excited about, the Slith ability is obviously good enough for cube, and often times lackluster 1 drops are included specifically for density sake. I’ve never liked the Echo 1 drops but they’re a necessary evil, until now!

Nothing to do with Innistrad, but I’ve been wanting to fit in RSZ for a while. I think it is better than Devil’s Play, but will be considering that one as well.

Elite wasn’t getting played often, which might be an oversight of the play group, but I wanted to try a few of the werewolves to see how they interacted normally.

Again this boils down to rarely getting played. Most of the green decks end up being mid-range instead of ultra-aggro. Definitely excited for new Garruk though!

In my cube, I’ve tried to adjust the mana fixing appropriately for each “guild” to represent what deck that guild would most likely be in. R/W might join B for a nice Oros control on occasion, but more often than not, R/W will be an aggressive deck. Clifftop Retreat is a land I’ve been clamoring for for a while (although I’d rather have gotten a R/W Scars land I think) so it was a natural swap.

So far in testing, we’ve gotten to see that Bloodgift Demon is as powerful as you would expect. Liliana was very good in a mid-range black deck, and the two of them combined to 3-0 the one draft they’ve seen play. Clifftop retreat wasn’t spectacular, but did what I wanted for the land, which is come into play untapped in a R/W aggro deck. Diregraf Ghoul was fine, but nothing spectacular. The Mayor was in the sideboard for this draft, but the Kruin Outlaw saw play in a B/R midrange deck. The one game I saw it flipped, it completely wrecked, but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to ask the person who drafted it how it was overall. I’ll definitely be pressing harder to get drafters to evaluate the cards that are being tested.

Thoughts on these changes? Let me know! I’m always open for advice and critiquing!

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  1. September 7, 2011 9:46 pm

    I think RSZ is sooo underplayed- it’s amazing how often the RFG clause is relevant, and likewise the reusability. Glad you’re trying it out!

  2. September 7, 2011 9:50 pm

    I agree with most of the changes but I would cut several of the blue cards before cutting Thieving Magpie. Most likely one of:

    Jushi Apprentice
    Trinket Mage
    Aeon Chronicler
    Mind Spring
    Volition Reins

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